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The Mayor and the six-member City Council serves a four-year term and is the City's legislative and policy-making body. Council is responsible for adopting the annual City budget, contracts, laws, ordinances and resolutions; approving purchases, zoning and planning requests; and granting permit and license fees. Also the City Clerk and the City Treasurer are elected to four-year.

The City Administrator serves in a highly visible capacity as an ambassador for the community and to other governmental agencies. Duties include: City Budget & Financial Planning; Human Resources & Labor Relations, Departmental Administration; Organizational Development; Community Relations; Intergovernmental Relations; and Council Support / Relations.

The City Clerk is the official records-keeper for the City whose responsibilities include, but are not limited to City Council proceedings, actions, agenda items, ordinances, resolutions, licenses, birth and death records. The City Clerk is the director of elections and is responsible for voter registration.

The City Treasurer is accountable for all City monies, including taxes, assessments, license fees, and water bill payments. The Treasurer helps generate additional income through the investment of municipal funds with the assistance of an investment counselor.

City Council meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at 6:00 pm and are cablecast on city Cable.