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Office of the Treasurer- Tim Estheimer

If you receive your tax bill in error, please forward to your mortgage company.

If you signed up for ACH and received your tax bill without the message, "AUTOMATIC WITHDRAWAL DO NOT PAY".  Do not worry, these will be taken out of your account in August.  If you just wanted to call, to confirm we have you as ACH, call 313-928-4464 for confirmation

If you see Assessing issues, such as PRE errors, contact Assessing at 313-928-2125 so we can confirm, correct and issue you a Revised Bill.

The Office of the City Treasurer is responsible for the collection and deposit of cash receivables on behalf of the City. It maintains custody of all monies & bonds pertaining to the City Clerk and all evidence of indebtedness belonging to the city.

The office consists of a Treasurer, Timothy Estheimer.  Finance department staff works the payment window for the Treasurer's office and is available Monday through Friday 8:30 am-4:30 pm to help with any questions.

The Treasurer issues, adjusts, and collects real and personal property taxes. All licenses and fees from the Clerk’s office, building permits and registrations from the Building and Engineering departments, Police, Fire, Recreation and Library receipts, and utility payments.  In the event of failure to pay property taxes, the Treasurer may sell the property seized to an amount sufficient to pay taxes and all charges.  The Treasurer may sue, on behalf of the city, any person, firm or corporation in an event to recover delinquent property taxes and other monies due.

Tim Estheimer 10.23Biography
Tim grew up in Allen Park and owns a home here with his wife Nicole, a teacher, and two children, who both attend Allen Park Schools.  Tim also is a local business owner and has been very active in the city for many years, before becoming Treasurer.  

Allen Park DDA- Chairman, 2009-2016
Elected to Southgate Board of Education 2016-2022
Local Officers Compensation Board- Chairman 2021-2023
Planning Commission- Chairman 2021-2023
Elected to Council in 2023 and served as Mayor Pro-Tem  
Appointed as City Treasurer 2024-2027.
We have several convenient ways to make payments to the City for your Taxes & Water Bills.  

1. Visit City Hall & go to the Treasurer/PAYMENTS Window (8:30 am-4:30 pm Monday through Friday). Cash, Check & *Credit/Debit cards are accepted.  Our friendly staff (Kristen or Sadie) are happy to help.
2. Secure Drive-Up Drop Box- (Check & Money Orders ONLY) Located directly outside City Hall.  This secure box is checked hourly and is on camera with the Police Department
3. ACH Payments (for Taxes)-These auto-withdrawal payments can be scheduled, please click here ACH Form to download the payment authorization form.  You may turn in the completed form at City Hall or mail it in.  Please allow up to 30 days.
4. Mail- Enclose the voucher and use the window envelope provided with your bill, or address to 15915 Southfield Rd Allen Park, MI 48101-2512 Attn Treasurer
5. Online- *Credit card payments are now being accepted online (and over-the-counter payments)! Use your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card for:

  • Tax Payments
  • Water Bills
  • Building Permits
  • Clerk Services
*PLEASE NOTE: There is a convenience fee for using our online payment system, as well as if you use a credit or debit card at City Hall.  A credit/debit card fee will apply. TAXES/WATER CAN NOT BE PAID OVER THE PHONE, ONLY BY STEPS 1-5 ABOVE

*Effective March 1, 2024 DELINQUENT Real Property taxes are no longer payable to the City of Allen Park.  Please visit the Wayne County Treasurer for more information.

Personal Property taxes for any year can still be paid to the City of Allen Park

important eXEMPTION information
Please check with the Assessing office to see if you qualify for: 

VETERANS EXEMPTION- This exemption is available to veterans who were honorably discharged and disabled from the armed forces and own a homestead in the state.

POVERTY EXEMPTION (PA 253 OF 2020) - This act made several changes to poverty exemption (MCL 211.27U) that will impact how the exemption is handled.

Tax Info
Winter Taxes- Mailed around December 1st.  Payments must be received by February 14th.  If you do not receive your winter bill by December 15th and do not have an escrow, please get in touch with our office at 313-928-4396 and we will mail a bill to you.

Summer Taxes- Mailed around July 1st.  Payments must be received by August 15th.  Penalties begin accruing as of September 1st.  If you do not receive your summer bill by July 15th and do not have an escrow, please get in touch with our office at 313-928-4396 and we will mail a bill to you.

If you elect to pay your taxes through an escrow account, your tax bill will be sent directly to your mortgage company. 
If you receive your tax bill in error, please forward to your mortgage company.

Tax information can also be accessed at the following link on the menu bar on the upper left

Delinquent Taxes
You may pay your Real Property taxes to our office from July through February.  Any unpaid taxes after February 28th must be paid at the Wayne County Treasurer's office (link below).

You may pay your delinquent Personal Property Taxes (This is a tax on Business owners whether you lease or own the property and is for the contents in your Business), to our office not the county, but beginning March 1st each year, a 1% interest charge assessed on the first of each month delinquent.

*Delinquent Real; Property taxes must be made at the Wayne County treasurer's office, Wayne County Treasurer
*Delinquent Personal Taxes (Taxes of business owners for building contents) CAN be made at the City of Allen Park Treasurer's Office. 
You may qualify for exemption on your business personal property tax.  Click here, on form 5076 to see if you qualify.

Tax Year Calendar 2024/2025
Summer Property Taxes
Summer Property Taxes will be mailed out on or about July 1st, 2024, and are payable beginning July 1, 2024.  Summer property taxes and personal property, are due by August 15th, beginning September 1st, 2024, penalty fees will be calculated and compounded monthly.

Winter Property Taxes
Winter property taxes will be mailed out on November 30th, 2024, and are payable beginning December 1st, 2024.  Winter property taxes as well as personal property taxes are due by February 14th, 2025, without penalty fees.  All unpaid property taxes (summer & winter) as of February 28th, 2025, will automatically be turned over to the County as delinquent at the start of business on March 1st, 2025, for collections without exception.



August 15th,
Summer Tax Due Date 
August 31st,
Last date for summer tax payments to be received without penalty
September 1st, 2024 Starting September 1st and each 1st of the month thereafter a 1% percent penalty will be added
December 30th, 2024 Last date for payments to be received in our office to have a 2024 posting date for tax purposes
February 14th, 2025 Last date for winter tax / deferred summer tax payments to be received IN OUR OFFICE without penalty.  
February 28th, 2025

LAST DAY to pay taxes at City Hall by 4:30pm.  If in drop box or mailed AFTER this date & time, they will be delinquent and sent to Wayne County for collection.

March 1st, 2025 All unpaid property taxes are turned over to Wayne County as delinquent for collections on this date at the start of the business day.  Real Property taxes will no longer be collected at city hall. 
Only personal property (taxes owed by businesses for contents in their business) will be collected here.

Taxpayers may defer their summer property tax if they meet the following criteria.  payment deferred until February 14th for principal residence property owned by the taxpayer who:
  • Has total gross household income of $40,000 or less for the preceding tax year, AND

  • Is totally and permanently disabled, blind, paraplegic, hemiplegic, quadriplegic, OR

  • Is an eligible serviceperson, eligible veteran, or eligible widow or widower, OR

  • is at least age 62

A valid deferment permits summer property taxes to be paid on or before February 14 without any additional penalty and interest.  Click the link for the application, 
Application for Deferment of Summer Taxes
Qualified individuals must apply for deferments EACH TAX SEASON at the Treasurer's office.  

Penalty Calculation:
Penalty is calculated on TAX amount only.  The 1% ADMINISTRATION FEE is NOT included in the penalty calculation.


Contact Information:
15915 Southfield Road
Allen Park, MI 48101-2512
Timothy Estheimer