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Neighborhood Watch

neigh-watchThe Allen Park Police Department, Police Chief Christopher Egan and Sergeant Eron Feltz are asking the citizens of Allen Park to help us expand our Neighborhood Watch Program. A Neighborhood Watch Program (NWP) is a great way to help the community and the police. It provides citizens with the opportunity to make their neighborhoods safer and improve their quality of life.

Some things we require in establishing a Neighborhood Watch Program is that at least 50% of the homes on that block participate; a block is consistent of one City Street; example White St, between Park and Colwell, there must be a block coordinator (Captain), and this person is the one responsible for organizing the block and the block must have quarterly meetings at APPD or somewhere else the block Captain or Police Department sets up, Sergeant Feltz can speak at these meetings, he will go over crime trends and he will assist in other matters concerning the NWP.

Block Captains will establish a regular means of communicating with Watch members—e.g., newsletter, telephone tree, e-mall, fax, etc. With guidance from The Allen Park Police Department, the Watch trains its members in home security techniques, observation skills, and crime reporting.

Organizers and block captains must emphasize that Watch groups are not vigilantes and do not assume the role of the police. They only ask neighbors to be alert, observant, and caring—and to report suspicious activity or crimes immediately to the police.  Some examples of Watch activities are:
  • Get all neighbors to turn on porch lights at night.
  • Help older neighbors or others who may need help with the safety of their home. For example, help trim high bushes in front of their door/window or change light bulbs in high outdoor lights.
  • Have clean up parties to help clean up vacant lots, playgrounds/parks or abandoned cars. Help clean graffiti right away. Work together to beautify the neighborhood, let would be criminals know you care about where you live.
If any citizens are interested in establishing a Neighborhood Watch Program, they can contact Detective Lieutenant Eron Feltz, the NWP law enforcement liaison, at and he will call or email you back. 

We look forward to hearing from you; working together we can make our community stronger and safer.


Christopher Egan                                                                                                   
Police Chief