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Miscellaneous Information

Status of Case

Due to the confidential and sensitive nature of criminal investigations, information or the status of open investigations will not be provided over the internet/email.  If you are the victim of a crime and want to check the status of your case then please call the detective assigned to the case during normal Detective Bureau business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm). If you do not know which detective is assigned to your case, please contact the Records Bureau to obtain the name of the detective. For more efficient service, please have the case number of your case available if you know it.

Bad Checks/Check Enforcement Program

The Wayne County Prosecutor's Office operates a Check Enforcement Program. Bad check writers must pay full restitution or face possible prosecution. The primary goal of this program is prompt payment of restitution to victims of bad check cases. Check offenders must pay all costs of the program, so there are no costs for merchants or other taxpayers. That means no costs for merchants or other tax-payers or local government. Diversion programs such as this reduce the case load for law enforcement, the Prosecutor's Office and the courts. This allows more time and resources to be devoted to more serious or violent crime.
Questions about the program should be directed to 855-208-1306 or
Sex Offender Registry

Information about the sex offender registry can be located online. The City of Allen Park coordinator for the sex offender registry for is Det/Lt. Eron Feltz.

Domestic Violence

Information about emergency shelter, counseling services and the legal rights of domestic violence victims is available from the following resources in Wayne County:
  • Interim House (Downtown) 313-861-5300
  • First Step (West Side) 734-459-5900
  • Family Violence Helpline 800-996-6228