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Paramedic Ambulance Service

Pic-FireAlpha2The Allen Park Fire Department provides an emergency based Advanced Life Support rescue service.  This system is designed to provide fast competent service and transport for medical emergencies.

Fire Department rescue services are not intended for general patient transportation for non-emergency medical needs.

The Allen Park Fire Department is staffed with highly trained paramedics.  The paramedic level allows the firefighters to perform many needed treatments such as fluid replacement, medication administration as well as 12 lead ECG capabilities.

We can provide cardiac drugs on scene and perform most of the resuscitation efforts usually reserved for the Emergency Room. We also provide needed medication to people having Diabetic emergencies, allergic reactions, cardiac emergencies, and many other emergency conditions requiring such treatment.

We work in constant communication with our medical control to provide the highest level of pre-hospital emergency care for people suffering from a medical emergency.