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Knox Box Program

The Allen Park Fire Department continues to offer residential Knox Boxes made possible through a Wayne County grant, The Allen Park Festivities Committee, and Community Block Grant monies. These locked boxes are placed over the entry door and contain the resident’s house key. In the event of a medical emergency, the Fire Department can gain immediate entry into that person’s home by accessing the door key through the Knox system. This allows for immediate entry and avoids possible damage if there was no Knox Box and a forced entry was necessary. People with chronic medical conditions, elderly folks that live alone, persons with disabilities, are prime examples of the residents we hope to reach. If you aren’t sure if you qualify, contact us and ask. This is a free service provided to the residents by the Fire Department for as long as they need it.

If you, or anyone resident you know, could benefit from The Residential Knox Box Program; stop by the fire department or contact the Deputy Chief Taylor to sign up for the program.

Deputy Chief Eric Taylor
313-928-2295 or