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Animal Licenses

License Requirements

All dogs and cats six months old or over must have a license. All dogs and cats shall be immunized against rabies, prior to issuance of a license. Citizens are allowed a maximum of three pets (cats & dogs) per household.
How to Obtain a License for your Dog or Cat

An animal license may be obtained from the City Clerks Office in person between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.

You must present a current rabies certificate. The license can be obtained for the length of the rabies vaccination.

To obtain an animal license via mail, please send a copy of the current rabies certificate for you pet(s), along with payment for animal license, to the City Clerks Office, 15915 Southfield Road.
Cost of License

1 year license — $5.00
2 year license — $10.00
3 year license — $15.00
Senior Citizen Cost (age 62 or older)

1 year license — $1.50
2 year license — $3.00
3 year license — $4.50

If you have any questions contact the City Clerks Office at 313-928-1144.
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