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Residential Sales Inspection



Effective March 1, 2022, all residential dwellings for sale will be required to have a Certificate. 
of Occupancy prior to closing per Ordinance 04-2019, Chapter 10, Article 10, Sec. 10-404.

The City of Allen Park Home Sale Inspection Policy:

Inspection of the interior of the home and the exterior property will be conducted by the Building Department.  The inspection fee is $175.00 which includes the initial and final inspection.  The homeowner has the option to either make all necessary corrections to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy or they can sell the property “as is”.  The buyer can assume responsibility for the repairs but must put forth a minimum of $500.00 (10% of which is nonrefundable) in escrow along with signing an affidavit assuming the violations and the escrow agreement before closing, the affidavit would then be used as the closing document.

Inspection reports will be available via e-mail provided, mailed, or picked up in person within 5 business days after the completed inspection.

To avoid delays with your closing, please be sure you have either the Certificate of Occupancy or the buyer has signed affidavit in hand before scheduling your closing.

Any home that is listed before March 1, 2022, will be exempt from obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy.

Building Department Phone Number:  313-928-4441 / 313-928-4134
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