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Principal Residence Exemption

The Principal Residence Status gives the property owner an exemption from school operating tax of up to 18 mills. To obtain Principal Residence status, the property must be a residential property that is owner occupied. Michigan allows one Principal Residence exemption on the primary residence.  The deadline to file is June 1st for the summer tax levy and November 1st for the winter levy.  Allen Park school operating taxes are collected on the summer tax levy only.
Principal Residence exemption forms can be obtained by contacting the local assessment office or by clicking on the link to the State of Michigan Website and downloading the form.
It can also be found under the Assessing Department’s webpage at Residence Exemption tab

If you have recently purchased another Michigan residence and are in the process of selling your previous principal residence, find out more about the Conditional Rescission of the Principal Residence at the following sites: