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Board of Review


The Board of Review meets three time a year, March, July and December.

The March meetings is the only time an owners can appeal the current assessment.  Tax payers will receive an Assessment Change Notice by mail each year prior to the March Board of Review.

The July and December meetings are subject to the open meetings act.  No assessment appeals can be made at these dates.  Cleical errors, Poverty Exemptions and Veterans Exemptions can be addressed. 


The Board of Review is comprised of a three (3) member board. The Board members must be registered electors of the City and own property in the City.
The Council shall in each year, on or before the first day of February of such year,
appoint three electors of the City who shall act as a Board of Review in respect to
the assessment roll of the City. The Assessor serves as the Secretary to the Board, but has no vote on any appeal.
At the Boards first meeting each year, a chairperson is selected for the current year. The Assessor serves as the Secretary to the Board but has no vote on any appeal.
Regular Meetings Work Sessions
Every year in March Every year in March

Board Members

  • Kenneth H. Lieber
  • J. Timothy O’Neill
  • Paul T. Endress
March Board of Review

The March Board of Review has the authority to change the current year’s assessments. The Board DOES NOT have the authority to make changes to assessments for any prior years.   

The March Board also cannot make decisions on principal residence exemptions or applications for new qualified agricultural exemptions.         

Organizational Meeting

The first meeting of the March Board of Review is Tuesday following the first Monday in March for the purpose of an organizational meeting.  At this meeting, which is held at the Allen Park Municipal office, the Board of Review receives the assessment roll for the current year.  Appeals may also be heard on this day.
The Board of Review shall also meet on the second Monday in March for the purpose of hearing taxpayer appeals. The governing body of a Township may authorize an alternative starting date for this meeting, either the Tuesday or Wednesday following the second Monday in March.

Assessment Change Notice

Your Assessment Change Notice will be mailed sometime in mid February. The dates for the Board of Review meetings will be on the notice with information on appealing. Notice of the meeting of the Board Review shall also be circulated in the newspaper serving the area in three successive issues. If a newspaper is not available, the notice shall be posted in the Allen Park Municipal office.
All meetings are open to the public, as provided in Act 267, P.A. 1976, Open Meetings Act. 
A resident taxpayer must appear in person or be represented by an authorized representative. Agents of property owners must submit written authorization along with the letter of appeal prior to the close of the board. A non-resident taxpayer may file a protest in writing and is not required to make a personal appearance. 

July/December Board of Review

The July and December Board of Review meets to correct the following qualified errors and to consider appeals related to Qualified Agricultural Exemptions, Poverty Exemptions (but not for poverty exemptions denied by the March Board of Review), Veteran Exemptions and Principal Residence Exemptions. 
July Meeting

The July Board of Review will meet on Tuesday, following the third Monday in July in the Allen Park Municipal Office. No valuation appeals are heard at this meeting.
December Meeting

The December Board of Review will meet on Tuesday, following the second Monday in December, in the Allen Park Municipal Office. No valuation appeals are heard at this meeting.

Agents of property owners need to submit written authorization at time of appeal.