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Operating a Business

Business licenses are required for all businesses operating within the City with the exception of those that are licenses through the State of Michigan. License fees vary with the business and must be renewed every year (December 31st).

Business Registration Blank Business License Application

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All businesses are required under MCL 211.21 to file a Personal Property Statement (Form L-4175) with the city in which the business has personal property by February 20th of each year. The Michigan Constitution provides for the assessment of all real and tangible personal property not exempted by law.

Business Personal Property generally consists of furniture and fixtures, machinery and equipment, computers, etc. All tangible personal property in your possession as of December 31st of the preceding year, including fully appreciated and expensed assets, must be reported.

The Personal Property Statement form is mailed each year in December. If you do not receive a form you can complete and print a copy from the state treasury website.

Contact the Assessor's Office at 313-928-2124 should you have questions about assessable personal property.