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Sec.15-84 - Authority of Department of Public Services over trees and plants in public places.

The Department of Public Services shall have complete charge and control over the planting, cutting, trimming and  removal of trees and other growth upon all public highways and places and the department may promulgate and adopt rules and regulations for the control of same. 

(Code 1957, 7-202; Code 1978, 21-2; Ord. No. 96.5, 1(21-2), 10-22-1996

Sec. 16-85 - Permit required for planting certain trees.

(a) No person shall plant any poplar, box elder, basswood, cottonwood, willow, soft maple, American maple, common catalpa, horse chestnut, or Ailanthus Grandulosa tree anywhere within the city without first procuring a permit from the Department of Public Services.

(b) Aperson's first or second violation of this section shall be municipal civil infraction with a civil fine as established in section 1-14(2).  A person's subsequent violations of this section shall be a misdemeanor and subject to the penalties of section 1-14(1). 

(Code 1957, 7-203; Code 1978, 21-3; Ord. No. 96-5 1-(21-3), 10-22-1996)

State Law reference -Authority to destroy box elder trees, MCL 124.151.