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Novi, Michigan
Novi, Michigan
Personal Protection Orders
To obtain a Personal Protection order (PPO) against a person, follow these easy steps:

1. Respond to:

The Coleman A. Young Municipal Center (formerly the City-County Building) located at 2 Woodward Ave, Detroit, Mi 48226 (corner of Woodward and Jefferson in downtown Detroit).
Phone: 313-224-6291 or 313-224-6262.

2. Bring:
  • Cash for any expenses (Court will not take personal checks)
  • Name and address of the offender. Also, if possible, their social security number and driver's license number
  • History of recent abuse and/or stalking (month/year of each incident and month/year of police complaints
  • Reason PPO is needed (fear of life, continued stalking, etc.)
  • Proof of income
3. Once there, proceed to Room B57 in the basement level:
  • Tell an advocate that you want an ex-parte PPO and are low income (if applicable)
  • The advocate will give you the necessary fonns and an instruction booklet
  • You will then be directed to Room B61 (in the basement level)
  • Your paperwork will be checked in Room B61 and upon approval you will be directed to Room 201
  • Upon entering Room 201, respond to the counter where a clerk will assist you
  • The clerk will assign a judge and a case number and make stickers to attach to your paperwork
  • Proceed to the courtroom of the judge you are assigned
  • Take your paperwork to the judge's clerk to have your paperwork reviewed
  • Once the judge signs the PPO it becomes valid, however it needs to be served on the offending party
  • If you want the PPO served by the Wayne County Sheriffs Department, go to the 17th floor
  • Keep the "Moving Party" (pink copy) with you at all times

What to do if the restrained person violates your PPO:

  • Dial 911 if the person is at the same location as you are
  • If the person is not currently at your location, call or proceed to your local police department and file a report
For additional information regarding PPOs, go to the Allen Park Police Department front desk and request a PPO informational packet.