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Novi, Michigan
Novi, Michigan

Sanitary Sewer Investigations

In an effort, to reduce and/or alleviate the basement flooding our residents were plagued with in 2000, the City has undertaken a comprehensive sewer investigation including: dye testing, smoke testing and video taping. It is our hope that we can identify problem areas, which need attention and correct the problems.

Sewer Slip Lining Program

Our City infrastructure is an average of 60+ years old. To stretch the life of our Sewers, we employ a program of placing a slip lining into the sewer so that we can lengthen the lifespan of the sewers by reinforcing them from the inside out. This is an ongoing program to reinforce our sewers.

Watermain Replacement Program

Our Capital Improvements include a systematic replacement of City water mains. The cost to replace all of our aging water mains at one time would be cost prohibitive but we can begin a systematic replacement of our system, a little at a time, thereby spreading out the total cost over a number of years. We presently replace approximately $600,000 per year doing so.

Various Developing Projects

Veteran's Memorial Park - Veterans Hospital Site Development - Allen Park Ford Clay Mine Development - Greenway's Link