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Novi, Michigan
Novi, Michigan
Building & Engineering

Department Info

15915 Southfield Rd.
Allen Park, MI 48101

Matt Baker
313 928 4447

Department Staff
Assistant to Building Department Director

Penny Encheff
313 928 4111

Building Clerk - Tajuanna 313 928-4441
Building Clerk - Yariksa 313-928-4134
Building Inspector - 313-928-4447

Electrical-HVAC-Plumbing Inspectors 313- 928-1400 
Electrical Inspector - Ext. 2137
HVAC  Inspector -Ext. 2136
Plumbing Inspector - Ext. 2139

Ordinance Ken - 313-928-4608
Ordinance Jack 313-928-5363
Ordinance Rob 313 928-8303

Building & Construction Coordinator
Steve Wood 313-495-0073

City Planner  Carlisle-Wortman
Mike Auerbach 313 928 4443

Rental & Sales Inspection 313-928-4111
Welcome to the City of Allen Park Building Department.  Our goal is to work to enforce the highest safety standards for the functional care, installation, repair, and maintenance of all structures. The Building Department serves the needs of residents, commercial property owners, and developers.  We are dedicated to promoting and preserving the safety of Park Citizens.

Builders, Homeowners and contractors deserve a professional experience from every member of our staff.  We pride ourselves on educating all customers we come in contact with.  The Building Division is responsible for ensuring the safety of all persons in the CIty of Allen Park relating to the construction of all commercial and residential structures, through enforcing compliance of the current codes.  This is achieved by examination of submitted plans and conducting necessary inspections to assure compliance of the current codes and ordinances. 
The department is also the liaison to the Planning Commission and the Zoning Board of Appeals as well as the division that conducts the residential rental and Certificate of Occupancy inspections within the City. All questions regarding zoning compliance are also the responsibility of the department.


  • Issue Building Permits (residential and commercial) on site and online. 
  • Contractor Registration (registers all commercial contractors doing work in the City of Allen Park)
  • Site Plan Review for new construction/renovation (planning/zoning)
  • Building Inspections
  • Issue Certificates of Occupancy for new businesses
  • Issue Certificate of Occupancy for home sales
  • Issue Certificate of Compliance for rental properties 
  • Rental and Home Sales Inspection programs
  • Maintain vacant property records
  • Coordinate engineering permits and inspections 


Matt Baker