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Novi, Michigan
Novi, Michigan

GODDARD ROAD TO WICK ROAD - Pavement and Watermain Replacement

Pre-Bid Conference

December 5, 2022 Non-mandatory At DPS facility 24000 W. Outer Drive

Due Date

12/5/2022 10:00:00 AM

Additional Information


CERCO Project No. AP-200
Sealed bids for the pavement and water main replacement along the Right of Ways of Reeck Road in the City of Allen Park, Michigan will be received at the office of the City Clerk, 15915 Southfield Road, Allen Park, Michigan, 48101 until 3:00 p.m., local time, Monday, December 12, 2022, at which time and place said bids shall be publicly opened and read aloud at that time for the following work:
Reeck Road (Goddard Rd to Wick Rd)
  • Remove approx. 22,250 square feet of existing walk;
  • Remove approx. 27,450 square yards of existing pavement;
  • Remove approx. 200 feet of existing storm pipes;
  • Remove approx. (8) storm structures;
  • Flowable fill approx. 5,000 feet of existing water main;
  • Remove (14) existing Gate Valve and Well;
  • Remove (9) existing Fire Hydrants;
  • Construct approx. 18,850 square feet of 4 inch non-reinforced concrete walk, MDOT Grade S1, on 4 inch sand Base;
  • Construct approx. 3,825 square yards of 6 inch non-reinforced concrete pavement, MDOT Grade P1, on new 6 inch MDOT 21AA Crushed Limestone Base;
  • Construct approx. 23,750 square yards of 8 inch non-reinforced concrete pavement w/integral straight curb, MDOT Grade P1, on new 6 inch MDOT 21AA Crushed Limestone Base. Paving Machine is required, a Vibratory Screed is Not Allowed;
  • Construct approx. 250 square yards of 10 inch non-reinforced concrete pavement w/integral straight curb, MDOT Grade P1, on new 9 inch MDOT 21AA Crushed Limestone Base.
  • Construct approx. 250 square yards of 2 inch HMA Wearing Course, 5E10 Super Pave on top of the 10 inch Concrete;
  • Install approx. 1,300 feet of DI Water main via excavation method; size varies 6 inch to 8 inch in dia.;
  • Install approx. 4,520 feet of 8 inch prechlorinated Fusible PVC C900, DR18 via directional Drilling;
  • Jack & Bore under the drain by using 20 inch steel casing, 3/8” thick, approx. 90 Feet;
  • Construct (19) 8 inch valve in 5 ft dia. Well;
  • Install (14) 2- Storz connections Fire Hydrants & Hydrant Assemblies;
  • Reconnect approx. (110) water services;
  • Install approx. 11,000 feet of 6 inch storm underdrain;
  • Install approx. 1,575 feet of RCP CLIV, C76 storm pipes, 12 inch dia.;
  • Construct (26) storm structures;
  • Install (45) Inlet Filter;
  • All other related work;
Sealed envelopes containing the bid shall be labeled as follows:
Bid:                  Reeck Road Pavement and Water Main Replacement Allen Park, Michigan
Attention:         Mr. Mike Mizzi, City Clerk

Drawings, specifications, and proposal forms under which the proposed work will be performed are on file and may be examined at: Construction Association of Michigan, 43636 Woodward Avenue, P.O. Box 3204, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, 48302; Reed Construction Data electronic plan room at; McGraw-Hill Construction/Dodge (MHC/Repromax, Motor City Imaging) 36060 Industrial Road, Livonia, Michigan, 48150; Construction News Service, 1773 R.W. Berends Drive S.W., Wyoming, Michigan, 49519; Construction News Corp., 7261 Engle Road, Suite 304, Cleveland, OH 44130-3479; Builders Exchange of Michigan, 4461 Cascade Road S.E., Grand Rapids, Michigan, 49546 (49501), and the C. E. Raines Company, 17700 Fort Street, Riverview, Michigan 48193
Copies thereof for bidding purposes shall be picked from the C.E. Raines Company, 17700 Fort Street, Riverview, Michigan 48193

Prospective bidders shall add their name to the Plan Holder List by calling the Engineer office at

734-285-7510. It is important to have your name added in case an Addendum is issued on this project.
All bids shall remain firm and may not be withdrawn for one hundred twenty (120) days after the actual date of opening thereof.
A properly completed Bid Bond, Certified Check or Cashier’s Check in a sum not less than five (5) percent of the proposed amount of the proposal submitted, shall accompany each proposal as security for acceptance of the Contract by the lowest qualified bidder. Should the Contractor fail to enter into a Contract agreement with the Owner, through no fault of the Owner, he shall forfeit the entire amount of the security to the Owner.
The City of Allen Park does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.
The City of Allen Park reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals, waive any irregularity in any proposal, and make an award of Contract in any manner, deemed in its best interest. Proposals submitted after the exact time specified for receipt shall not be considered.
A PRE-BID conference (Non-mandatory attendance) is scheduled for Monday, December 5, 2022 at 10:00 a.m., local time at the offices of the OWNER (City of Allen Park DPS Facility), 24000 Outer Drive, Allen Park, Michigan. Representatives of the OWNER and ENGINEER will be present to discuss the project and receive questions from prospective bidders, who are encouraged to attend and participate in the discussion. ENGINEER shall transmit to all such Bidders of record such addenda as ENGINEER considers necessary to provide clarification, in response to questions arising therein, or arising subsequent. Oral statements shall not be relied upon and shall not be considered as legally effective or binding.
All inquiries shall be directed to C.E. Raines Company at telephone at 734-285-7510.