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Novi, Michigan
Novi, Michigan
City Hall Move - Update 1
Good news!  March 4, the RTAB provided the final approvals for the moving company we  will be using and the IT upgrades and communication systems that will allow the city to be more effective and efficient when we move into our temporary space next door.  SMIA is already ordering the IT parts and equipment needed.  Monday, we begin the build-out.  Thank you to the City's Building Director who is serving as the General Contractor for this project, providing some cost savings for the city.  We are targeting the second week in May for bringing in the moving company, even though many departments will begin moving some lightweight items by the end of April.  Interested in what the build-out might look like?

The following pictures were taken on March 9, 2015, at the beginning of construction. The below pictures don't show every new room.  Stay tuned for more pictures as construction progresses, and be sure to click the thumbnails for a description of each image!

Click thumbnails for a larger view of the image.