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2017 Nominations for the A.P. Sports Hall of Fame

Applications are being accepted through July 1st.
Allen Park Sports Hall of Fame Criteria
Monitored by the Parks and Recreation Commission for the City of Allen Park.
Selection Committee
Representation from the staff of the City of Allen Park, Parks and Recreation Commission.  Replacement members to be appointed by the Selection Committee.
Allen Park Community Center.
A plaque to be awarded to each member inducted with corresponding plaque to be used for display in the Allen Park Sports Hall of Fame.
Cost for Plaques to be included in the Parks and Recreation Department Budget.  Additional costs to be determined by Selection Committee with approval from Parks and Recreation Department.
A candidate shall be at least 50 years of age and has had 20 years of service or background in his/her sport or closely related recreational activity, or have made an outstanding contribution in sports or the field of recreation, which has brought honor to the community of Allen Park.
Voting Procedure
To be selected to the Sports Hall of Fame, it will be necessary to receive two-thirds of the maximum votes from the members voting,  Example:  the voting member will vote for inductees he/she thinks should be inducted.  If an inductee receives two-thirds votes of the total voting members, that person will be inducted into the Hall of Fame.
Candidates will remain on the ballot for five (5) years.  Candidates that are removed from the ballot after five (5) years may be re-nominated at any time.
If a candidate for the Hall of Fame has a member of his/her immediate family on the Selection Committee, that committee member cannot vote for that candidate on their ballot.  The two-thirds total votes needed to be elected to the Hall will be adjusted to one less voting member accordingly.  Selection Committee members shall not be eligible for consideration of Hall of Fame induction.  Applications naming a Selection Committee member shall be held in abeyance until that specific committee member is no longer on the Selection Committee.

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